About the Show


Refugees: They all share a label, but they each have a name.

Two years in the making, “Refugee is Not My Name” is a traveling art exhibition highlighting photographic portraits, stories, and film featuring  refugees from around the world who have resettled in Austin. 

This exhibition meets Austin residents where they are - in public and iconic spaces throughout the city - and invites them to come and learn the names, see the faces, and get to know some of their refugee neighbors. At each location, new portraits and stories are added, so that no two shows are the same.

This exhibition aims to answer questions, raise questions, facilitate dialogue, and create connections. Our hope is that as people experience this exhibition, they recognize that flourishing in a new country requires relationships and ultimately, that viewers will be inspired to broaden their circle to include refugees who are learning to make a new life in Austin. 

Though born from a politically-charged year in America, this work aims to transcend the polarized discussions surrounding refugee migration. It is a window into the lives of some of our neighbors who comprise the fabric of our community and focuses on the humanity behind the headlines. Because of this, “Refugee is Not My Name” is art for all people.

We asked attendees at one of our exhibitions to write down something they share in common with one of their global neighbors. Here are just some of the answers:


Exhibition design by Ashley St.Clair and Kat Gibbs

Sponsored by AgavePrint, iACT for Refugees, & CompuSigns Burnet Road

Much gratitude for the generous support by those who have and continue to contribute to our fundraising to travel this show to spaces around our city.

Tag your own photos at the show with #refugeeisnotmyname